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Vallen Castle

Vallen Castle
County (Län):Halland
Municipality (kommun):Laholm

To be privately owned


Vallen castle lies on an island near Våxtorp, Laholm, Halland. Vallen was the first time mentioned in the 14th Century owned by Knight Peder Laxmand. 1400 was the property owned by the brothers Åke and Povel Laxmand. Later bought Henry Krummedige the possession. 1507 was the castle destroyed by Åke Hansson Tott. The following year, the castle was rebuilt by Krummedige. 1654 bought Magnus Durell the possession. Later moved to the property to the familys Burenskiöld and Meck. On 1 April 1800 burned the castle. After that Otto Wilhelm Burenskiöld was rebuilt the castle of. In 1830 came the estate by marriage to the family Carlheim-Gyllenskiöld.

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